Restaurant Al Corsaro in Malcesine, Lake Garda.

Al Corsaro is splendidly located at the foot of sheer rock walls leading up to a lakeside castle. It is here, between the beach and the old quarter of the town of Malcesine, between the waters of the lake and the cypress groves of the headland, that a new restaurant has been opened which is destined to become a byword for lovers of lake fish and those eager to discover its taste. This veritable culinary treasure of Lake Garda,  forgotten for decades, has been restored to its rightful place thanks to the intelligence of restaurateurs such as Mario and Roberto, who together with Barbara and Roberta have made an elegant art of dining, a professional vocation which will open new doors of discovery to all those who take their places at the tables of Al Corsaro.


Restaurant Al Corsaro by B & Z s.n.c

Via Paina, 17 - 37018 Malcesine (Vr) Italia
tel. 0456584064 -
P.IVA 03180720231 - Lake Garda

ristorante malcesine lago di garda

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