In vino veritas

No good meal can be without its accompanying wine of quality. You can choose from among a hundred wines at Al Corsaro. Many are selected from local wineries (the Lugana and Soave whites, the Valpolicella reds, and the sparkling wine of Franciacorta), but the rest of Italy is amply represented on our wine list , which will please even the most demanding of connoisseurs.

Just as our lake has a rich heritage of fish and wine, there is also a wide range of locally-produced and very carefully-selected extra virgin olive oil to accompany, garnish and enhance our dishes. “L'olio del Garda” is among the most sought-after and admired oils in the whole of Italy. Its range of flavours is quite unique, marking it out from the produce of other regions and making it a veritable culinary treasure. The oil comes from olives grown in the groves along shore of Lake Garda and is obtained using careful pressing techniques.

  • vino e olio del Garda
  • vino e olio del Garda
  • vino e olio del Garda

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